Images of You Album announcement

December 12th, 2018 | | | Comments Off

I’m happy to announce that I’ve got a full new album coming up! It’s a return to the melodic romantic pop that was the origin of Azure Blue. The album Images of You is due in March 2019. I’ve been listenig a lot to my old vinyls like I did while writing Rule of Thirds so these songs echo of traditional melodies and is pure pop like my very first album. 60′s to 80′s inspired melodies meet a dreamy electronic synth sound. The production is a bit more distinct than the first albums, but the production is full of shimmering sounds and reverbs and lush analog synth sounds. In my book it’s the strongest and most coherent collection of songs I’ve written so far. The lyrics are sincere musings of love inspired by my sweetheart and I really can’t wait to share the album with you.

The first single Shine On features my long time collaborator The Land Below on co vocals and the track drops on Friday! I and the team couldn’t wait to get some new music out and couldn’t stand the thought of waiting until late January to present the sound of the new album!