Fast Falls The Eventide recap

December 12th, 2018 | | | Comments Off

Hello home page! Sorry to have been neglecting you for a full album! It’s just been so much, I’ve met a new love, moved to a new place and launched a record label called The Future Sound of Stockholm.

But I feel the need to write a recap about the album missed here. I released Fast Falls The Eventide in June 2018 via Hybris as main label with the main digital distribution and a beautiful vinyl release, Matinée did North- And South America and a CD plus an EP collecting some songs from other outings alongside a single from the new album. The beautiful label Zeon Light dubbed a lovely cassette version. I love cassettes! The same team is on board for the new album. Fast Falls The Eventide got very nice reviews and actually peaked at #8 on the Swedish Critics chart at The album was also nominated in the category Best Electronic Album in the Gaffa Awards.

You can find the different formats here: