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Today the album had streaming premieres in all four territories where the album has a label. The Soundcloud set is found to the right on this page under “Listen”. It started with a world exclusive on top of the front page of Swedish national television SVT’s music site PSL. Then three other great sites in UK, US and Germany followed.

“Det nya albumet med den grubblande titeln ‘Beyond The Dreams There’s Infinite Doubt’ är betydligt svartare i kanterna än debuten och behandlar en kärlek som till slut rinner ut i misslyckanden.”
PSL, Sweden

“Like the soundtrack to a fantasy movie that’s never been made, Beyond The Dreams There’s Infinite Doubt is a record filled with unabashed wonder, pastel coloured hues and heart flipping melodies.”
The Line Of Best Fit, UK

“With Azure Blue, former Irene and Laurel Music songwriter Tobias Isaksson creates a melange of ’80s synthpop textures and ’90s shoegaze vocals mixed with that wall of sound, perfected by pop music back in the ’60s. Yet, this music sounds utterly contemporary.”
PopMatters, USA

“It’s basically a Beach Boys feeling when you listen to Azure Blue’s music in general, only add some sugar and take away the drooling brother, broken guitar straps and those disturbing braces (not to mix this up with Lemon Popsicle).”
Nordic By Nature, Germany

A bunch of reviews are in too. All positive! Even one majestic 9,3/10! But I’ll make some sort of summary later on. The album is up on Spotify and iTunes! I believe Spotify and iTunes in USA will open in a few days. Maybe not until the US release October 8th.

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