December 30th, 2016 | | | Comments Off

Hello! I just recovered the login to this page from an old email so it’s been slightly updated. Some of you have been asking for the lyrics for AZB3 and I will try to post them soon. If I miss some emails here you can try to find me on my Facebook page. I check it regularly.

2016 was a pretty slow year for Azure Blue because I got a grant from the cultural department of Sweden to record a full length LP for my progressive dance music project Nite Flights. The result was the album Nite Flights – Jet Lag. You can check it out here:

It was a big honor to receive the grant and I had so much fun tweaking those drum machines and synths. Making beats and dance music is one of my favorite things these days. But I also get a lot of new angles for my production and songwriting from doing other stuff. In 2017 I will reveal some new Azure Blue sounds as well as more Nite Flights excursions!

Happy New Year! See you soon!