Stockholm’s Azure Blue is the solo project of Tobias Isaksson, named as a tribute to Dennis Wilson’s »Pacific Ocean Blue«. The debut album »Rule of Thirds«, released in November 2011, dealt with three lost loves and a relocation from the west coast to the capital. It flirted with the likes of Bryan Ferry and Grant McLennan, 80′s sounds and samples from underrated independent directors. Authors like Hemingway and Östergren had inspired a meditation that was nostalgic without being inaccessible. The image was light blue, widescreen and dreamy.

The tour began taking Azure Blue to 12 countries. From the United States to Russia. But in the midst of the dream something went too fast. Another relationship ended and the reflections on the new album are darker and more personal than the debut. They deal with missing, moving to the loneliest neighborhood in the suburb, blurred and broken nights in the city and a pursuit of inner peace that is long gone. Beyond the dreams there’s infinite doubt but beyond the doubt the dream is alive.

Facts: In the studio Tobias Isaksson collaborates with Claes Björklund. The debut won an independent Grammy award for »Best Pop in Manifest 2012«, received great reviews, got airtime in Swedish national radio and TV and international heavyweights such as The Fader, The Line Of Best Fit, Under The Radar, PopMatters, The Big Takeover, Blurt, Magic RPM, El Pais and No Todo have praised the music. New tours arranged by United Stage in Scandinavia are initiated and internationally an alliance of labels in USA, UK, Germany and Spain collaborate with records and tours.