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Stockholm’s Azure Blue is the solo project of Tobias Isaksson, named as a tribute to Dennis Wilson’s »Pacific Ocean Blue«. The debut album »Rule of Thirds«, released in November 2011, dealt with three lost loves and a relocation from the west coast to the capital. It flirted with the likes of Bryan Ferry and Grant McLennan, 80′s sounds and samples from underrated independent directors. Authors like Hemingway and Östergren had inspired a meditation that was nostalgic without being inaccessible. The image was light blue, widescreen and dreamy. The tour began taking Azure Blue to 12 countries. From the United States to Russia. But in the midst of the dream something went too fast. Beyond the dreams there was infinite doubt but beyond the doubt the dream kept alive somehow. In 2021 as Azure Blue celebrates 10 years, five albums and various collabs, the music has passed five million streams on Spotify alone.

Azure Blue started off collaborating with Claes Björklund for two album after that he has produced the rest solo in his own studio The Future Sound of Stockholm that also became a label in late 2018. The debut won an independent Grammy award for »Best Pop in Manifest 2012«, and the following releases have gotten great reviews and airtime in Swedish national radio and TV and international praise in heavyweights like Interview Magazine, The Fader, The Line Of Best Fit, Under The Radar, PopMatters, The Big Takeover, Blurt, Magic RPM, El Pais and No Todo. An international alliance of labels in USA, UK, Germany and Spain have collaborated with records and tours.

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Back in blue

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I can’t believe this old WordPress is still up and running after 10 years. It’s getting kind of retro sweet. I just want to write some words about my hiatus. My label The Future Sound of Stockholm has been putting out stuff but I have been unusually passive and only put out one softly promoted Christmas song called ‘All I Want For Christmas Is My Baby’ since 2018. But I haven’t stopped being creative. On the contrary I’ve been busy studying production and notoriously developing my skills and patiently growing my collection of studio gear. And of course I have written and recorded loads of music! A string of releases will follow soon and I can’t wait to show it to the world. First out is a remix for Iceland’s new pop promise Ragnar Ægir alongside my good friend Harald Björk and German producer Philipp Krätzer. Ragnar Ægir ‘I’m At Home Remixes’ drops September 17th. Updating the page has been fun but if you are interested in my ongoings check Instagram or Facebook! Take care and stay safe! There’s still a place and time for us.

Images of You Album announcement

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I’m happy to announce that I’ve got a full new album coming up! It’s a return to the melodic romantic pop that was the origin of Azure Blue. The album Images of You is due in March 2019. I’ve been listenig a lot to my old vinyls like I did while writing Rule of Thirds so these songs echo of traditional melodies and is pure pop like my very first album. 60′s to 80′s inspired melodies meet a dreamy electronic synth sound. The production is a bit more distinct than the first albums, but the production is full of shimmering sounds and reverbs and lush analog synth sounds. In my book it’s the strongest and most coherent collection of songs I’ve written so far. The lyrics are sincere musings of love inspired by my sweetheart and I really can’t wait to share the album with you.

The first single Shine On features my long time collaborator The Land Below on co vocals and the track drops on Friday! I and the team couldn’t wait to get some new music out and couldn’t stand the thought of waiting until late January to present the sound of the new album!

Fast Falls The Eventide recap

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Hello home page! Sorry to have been neglecting you for a full album! It’s just been so much, I’ve met a new love, moved to a new place and launched a record label called The Future Sound of Stockholm.

But I feel the need to write a recap about the album missed here. I released Fast Falls The Eventide in June 2018 via Hybris as main label with the main digital distribution and a beautiful vinyl release, Matinée did North- And South America and a CD plus an EP collecting some songs from other outings alongside a single from the new album. The beautiful label Zeon Light dubbed a lovely cassette version. I love cassettes! The same team is on board for the new album. Fast Falls The Eventide got very nice reviews and actually peaked at #8 on the Swedish Critics chart at Kritiker.se. The album was also nominated in the category Best Electronic Album in the Gaffa Awards.

You can find the different formats here:














Summer news 2017

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Dear home page! I’ve finally added the lyrics to my third album and posted the three new tracks I’ve released so far this year.

I’m very excited about my new album coming up but when things get busy I will keep it simple here and stick to social media like Facebook and Instagram. Sadly my Twitter handle was hacked and I can’t get it back so you find me at https://twitter.com/tobiasisaksson. It’s a bummer but I mainly use Facebook and Instagram so hook me up there if you want to reach me! Bye for now!

Whatever ft Peter Morén & The Land Below

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Azure Blue – Whatever ft Peter Morén & The Land Below
Single release date May 30 2017



Premiär /Musikguiden i P3, låtpremiär
Veckans Bästa Låtar /Gaffa
Plats 13 /Spotify Viral 50 i Sverige

“elektronisk indie om att välja rätt saker att strunta i”
/P3 Musikguiden


“För oss som gillar drömliknande pop så måste ju detta vara lite av en våt dröm.”


747 (Kent cover)

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Azure Blue – 747
Non album single release date April 8 2017



“Azure Blue tolkar Kent-klassikern”


“ljudbilder som skulle kunna forsa fram som en del av soundtracket till filmen Drive eller vara besläktade med New Order”


“Hör Azure Blue för första gången någonsin på svenska”


New Moon ft Tangela

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Azure Blue – New Moon ft Tangela
Single release date March 1 2017





Bäst just nu /Musikguiden i P3
Veckans Bästa Låtar /Gaffa
Plats 13 /Spotify Viral 50 i Sverige
A-rotation /Studentradiolistan

“throbs like an ’80s new wave classic, with atmospheric whooshes”
/The Line Of Best Fit


”En av mina favoritlåtar från i år.”
/P3 Musikguiden, premiär och utsedd till Bäst Just Nu


“den här new wave-dängan till banger”


“en självklar poplåt”


“Den bästa musiken gör att en tappar kontrollen.”


“en mer synthig sida av Azure Blue”


“this man is a modern indie/pop genius, who deserves the big stage.”


“an addictive and frenzied new track that is rhythmed by crazy drum machines and hypnotic synthesizers”


“A euphoric upbeat, hyper-tempo track coaxed by a easing vocal calm”
/Swede and Sour


“strangely addictive.”


“más electro de lo habitual”
/The Songs We Love



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Hello! I just recovered the login to this page from an old email so it’s been slightly updated. Some of you have been asking for the lyrics for AZB3 and I will try to post them soon. If I miss some emails here you can try to find me on my Facebook page. I check it regularly.

2016 was a pretty slow year for Azure Blue because I got a grant from the cultural department of Sweden to record a full length LP for my progressive dance music project Nite Flights. The result was the album Nite Flights – Jet Lag. You can check it out here:

It was a big honor to receive the grant and I had so much fun tweaking those drum machines and synths. Making beats and dance music is one of my favorite things these days. But I also get a lot of new angles for my production and songwriting from doing other stuff. In 2017 I will reveal some new Azure Blue sounds as well as more Nite Flights excursions!

Happy New Year! See you soon!

Album three out now

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The final part of the trilogy that started with Rule Of Thirds in 2011 and continued with Beyond The Dreams There’s Infinite Doubt in 2013 is out digitally now. The physical release is a collaboration with UK Fika Recordings and out mid June 2015. Here are some press quotes:

“Fusing sticky beats, sultry strings and smooth ’80s guitars – sometimes a bit of soaring French horn too – Isaksson creates a complex pop world that’s all too easy to find yourself lost it. It includes huge dreamgaze single ‘Every Ending Story’ and the recently-shared ‘Reflections Of Light.”
The Line Of Best Fit

“Tobias Isaksson brukar kalla sig själv för onelinerkungen och det ligger någonting i det där. Oftast är det lika roligt att lyssna på hans texter som det är att lyssna på hans baleariska rymdpop…//…Musikaliskt rör sig soundet fortfarande kring delfiner som hoppar i solnedgången, elektroniska lager på lager-effekter och skojiga samplingar, invävda i svepande sjok av syntar, nostalgiska slingor och peppiga trummor och det är vackert.”
Nöjesguiden 5 out of 6 review

“This album gives us the same feeling as when we’re laying in the grass looking at the sky (we do that a lot) or dancing under the stars (we do that too sometimes). It’s dreamy… //…These 10 tracks are made of pure love.”
Nordic By Nature

“We would go that far to say that Azure Blue might just have released one of Scandinavias most interesting LPs at the moment. 80s guitars, shynts, sticky beats and catchy lyrics. In what world could that go wrong?”
This Is Scandinavia

“man förstår varför Azuren en gång fick den där titeln” (genrens Character Indelebilis)
Que Club/Djungeltrumman

“Mer synthslingor, mer rena 80-talsgitarrer, mer, mer, mer…//…Dessutom har han tagit hjälp av totalt sju andra sångare, exempelvis Amanda Mair och César Vidal (från Caesar’s Palace), vilket tillsammans med de många ljudlagren ger ett fullare, ännu mer drömskt landskap att vandra omkring i. Ett landskap där jag gärna går vilse.”

“Det börjar så fantastiskt fint. Azure Blue kanaliserar Angelo Badalamentis musik till kultserien ‘Twin Peaks’ i inledande ‘A Town Like Alice’, och det som följer är en neondränkt kyss i ett ljummet kvällsregn. Med de gnistrande syntarna och jangliga gitarrerna visar Tobias Isaksson verkligen varför han är Varbergs Johnny Jewel.”
TT review published in around 10 daily newspapers for instance City Malmö, Folkbladet, Gefle Dagblad, Kristianstadsbladet, Västerviks Tidningen, Nerike Allehanda etc..
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